Is there a tale that has been re-told as many times as A Christmas Carol? The first short film adaptation came out in 1901, just 58 years after the novel was published, and it seems like there’s a new one every year. Everyone has their favorite version, but which one is truly the best? Here at Movie Match-Up, I am going to break down every version of A Christmas Carol ever brought to film and television.

Even the animated ones?

Of course, that one’s a classic.

Even the one where Scrooge sings?


Even the one with George Costanza where Scrooge sings?

Oh, I had quite forgotten about that one.

Even the one where they all look like Hobbits?

You know, I’m not even sure that one is real.

What about this one?

Stop! My numbers guy (who is also me) has discovered that there are well over 50 adaptations of A Christmas Carol, so even if I did one-a-day until Christmas, I would not cover them all. Instead, let’s cut it down to the ten most important, most loved, most famous versions of Charles Dickens’ classic tale.


I’ll be scoring each movie on a scale of 0-100 points.

Story: 30 Points

Scrooge: 30 Points

Ghosts: 10 Points

Bob Cratchit: 10 Points

Supporting Characters: 10 Points

Experience (Technical Stuff, Soundtrack, basically everything else): 10 Points

I’ll be reviewing one-a-week for the first four weeks, and two-a-week for the remaining three. Join me on Wednesdays, and starting on December 7, Mondays as well, as we search for the definitive version of A Christmas Carol. We will begin with 1935’s Scrooge starring Seymour Hicks.



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