After reviewing ten versions of the exact same story, I wanted to do something with a little more variety. At first, time travel movies seem like a limited genre, but just look at the list above. We’ve got romance (Somewhere in Time), a classic action film (The Terminator), a psychological thriller (12 Monkeys), pure science fiction (Primer), a high school movie (Back to the Future) and everything in between. While we’re at it, I know three of these films have popular sequels, but I’ll only be taking a look at the original product. Sure, there are two versions of The Time Machine, but they are drastically different films.

I’ll be grading a bit differently for this match-up, seeing as how it is more of a general topic:

Story: 30 Points

Cast: 30 Points

Experience: 25 Points

Originality: 15 Points

time machine

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time machine

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Primer is one of those movies where the director, screenwriter, producer, and lead actor are all the same person… (More)


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4 thoughts on “Introduction: Time Travel Movies

  1. I have to Agree “Back to the Future” is the best Time travel Movie, Terminator & 12 Monkeys are good, You missed one of my Guilty Movies..”TimeLine & Time Cop”..


    1. Yeah, Timeline I have not actually seen, but seeing how it’s Richard Donner, I’m sure it’s worth a watch. I was trying to cover as many genres as I could within the general scope of time travel films. Thanks so much for reading!


    1. I left off Donnie Darko, because simply calling it a time travel movie would spoil it for those who haven’t seen it. I do like it, though, and mentioned it on one of my Top 7 lists.


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