There comes a point in every villainous actor’s career where someone asks them to play the devil himself (or herself in a few cases). It’s just par for the course. I want to take a look at ten of them, but I want to specifically look at films featuring the classic “deal with the devil” plot in one way or another.

Faust was a character in German mythology who sold his soul to Mephistopheles for years of power. This story has been interpreted time and time again, from episodes of The Twilight Zone to country songs, and there are a whole slew of films dealing with the topic. As with time travel movies, these span across genres, including mystery (Angel HeartThe Ninth Gate), comedy (Bedazzled and the remake), semi-biographical drama (Crossroads), fantasy (Something Wicked This Way ComesThe Imagniarium of Doctor Parnassus) and even legal drama (The Devil’s Advocate).

I’ll be scoring as follows:

Story: 20 Points

Faust: 20 Points

Devil: 20 Points

Supporting Cast: 20 Points

Experience: 20 Points


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dr p

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