As we wrap up August and head into September and October, it’s time to begin the horror match-up. This year, I’ll be taking a look at ten horror sequels to find out which is the best.


I’ll be revealing the movies one week at a time, because I am open to recommendations. I want to know what horror sequels you think are the best, underrated, or just interesting in some way. I will try to stay away from the ones that have been talked to death like Aliens and Dawn of the Dead, but anything else is on the table. Just leave me a comment here or contact me on Twitter to submit a suggestion.


For my first entry into the Horror Sequels match-up, I’m starting with one of the originals—1935’s Bride of Frankenstein(More)


Today, we’ll be taking a look at a sequel to one of the most successful horror films of all time, 1976’s The Omen(More)


Psycho II aka Psycho II: I Didn’t Know There Was a Psycho II was made in 1983, more than 20 years after Alfred Hitchcock’s original… (More)



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