One year ago, I began a search for the best version of A Christmas Carol, and while there were a few bad ones, none will compare to this. Now, I am on a search to find the worst Christmas special of all time. I’ve narrowed it down to these ten based on my own experience and the recommendations of online lists and critics.

This time, I want you to share my pain. If you would like to join me for a review, either in a podcast-style review or just by contributing some written comments, I would love to have you. Just let me know what special you would like to suffer through, and I’ll put you down for it. Reviews will be weekly in November and twice a week in December.

We’ve got the dreaded Star Wars Holiday Special, the rumored-to-not-exist Rapsittie Kids: Believe in Santa, and, yes, even another version of A Christmas Carol (This one’s from Australia in 1982). Instead of a boring numerical score, I’ll be giving each special a place on the Christmas Spirit Meter:


We’ll see where each special ranks on a scale of Rabid Black Friday Shoppers to the beloved classic Miracle on 34th Street.


The first entry in this search for The Worst Christmas Special of All Time belongs to an infamous group of films… (More)


As you know, I love Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol so much that I reviewed ten separate versions of the thing last year… (More)


There are a lot of bad Christmas movies out there, and there are a lot of bad sci-fi movies out there. In 1964… (More)


For the longest time, today’s special was merely forgotten, left to rot with the hundreds of other specials… (More)


Easily the most infamous selection on my list, the Star Wars Holiday Special has appeared on lists… (More)


Today’s special has the tagline “Put Christ back in Christmas.” Yeah, didn’t you know it’s just been Mas the last 200 years? (More)


Alright who in their right mind thought that a three minute Christmas song warranted a full-length TV special? (More)


In 1964, Arthur Rankin, Jr. and Jules Bass created one of the most famous holiday specials of all time… (More)


Today I’m looking at a special that for a time was thought to not exist, which is strange because it only aired in 2002… (More)


Here we are at the tenth and final Christmas special on the list, and I wanted to end with one I personally enjoy for its stupidity… (More)




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