It’s been a long road, but we are down to just eight songs in the search for the Worst Christmas Song. There are some I knew would still be here (“The Christmas Shoes”) and some that really surprised me (“Marshmallow World”), but now it’s crunch time. It’s time to find out which is truly the worst.


(6) Dominick the Donkey by Lou Monte vs. (1) The Christmas Shoes by NewSong

This won the Ad Nauseam division, but is it worse than “The Christmas Shoes?” No, no it isn’t.

The winner of the over-indulgent division has won each round handily, and I don’t see it stopping. Parents dying is the true meaning of Christmas, kids.


(7) Marshmallow World vs. (5) I’ll Be a Gnome for Christmas by Art Paul Schlosser

Apparently this is the worst Christmas standard of the tournament. I’m a little surprised. I mean, yeah it’s annoying, but I can’t imagine it’s going to be the worst Christmas song of all time.

Art Paul Schlosser beat out Justin Bieber and New Kids on the Block to be here. That is pretty impressive. Let’s see if he can make the Fearful Four.


(1) O Holy Night by Tiny Tim vs. (1) Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas by John Denver

One Tiny Tim song has moved into the Fearful Four, but will he have two there? You’ve called his version of “O Holy Night” the worst Christmas cover, but will its run continue?

Do you prefer a bad version of a good song or a song so dumb that absolutely no one could redeem it?


(1) Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS This Year by Tiny Tim vs. (8) I’m Gonna Put Some Glue ‘Round the Christmas Tree (So Santa Claus Can Stick Around All Year)

This one beat out some stiff competition in the Not for Kids division, and it is perhaps the most tasteless song in the whole tournament… but is it the worst?

This beat out chipmunks, Wookiees, monsters, and barking dogs, so at this point it could go all the way.




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