We are down to just four songs, and one of them will soon be declared the worst Christmas song of all time.


(1) Please Daddy Don’t Get Drunk This Christmas by John Denver vs. (1) The Christmas Shoes by Newsong.

We’ve got a #1 seed vs. a #1 seed, and it’s now clear the final match will have the same.

These are two truly awful songs, but I still think this one is worse. Either one’s spot in the finals would be worthy placement, though.


(1) Santa Claus Has Got the AIDS This Year by Tiny Tim vs. (5) I’ll Be a Gnome for Christmas by Art Paul Schlosser

Tiny Tim is down to just one song in the tournament, but oh my does this deserve to be here. It is truly terrible. The spoken word portion alone is worse than most songs in this thing.

Art Paul Schlosser remains the only artist in this tournament to reach out to me, and seeing as how Tiny Tim and John Denver are dead, that leaves just Newsong. “I’ll be a Gnome” is cring-ey to listen to, but hey, at least it’s mercifully short.



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