Sure, there are too many remakes coming out today, but remaking older films has been a practice since the very beginning of film. This Halloween, I want to take a look at some horror remakes that have either slipped under the radar or have been forgotten in recent years.

I’ll be looking at 6 remakes leading up to Halloween, from as early as the 1940s to as recently as 1999. At the end of each review, I’ll compare the remake to the original in terms:




Who knows? Maybe there will even be a forgotten classic or two in there.


Gaston Leroux’s 1910 novel The Phantom of the Opera has been adapted countless times… (More)


Sometimes a film is such a classic, so perfect in every way, that you wonder why anyone would even think to remake it… (More)


Psycho is only of the single-most important events in the entire history of film, so of course someone decided to remake it… (More)


For the second week in a row, I’m taking a look at a 1990s remake of a 1960 horror film… (More)


Sure, there are a million adaptations of Dracula out there, but in 1979… (More)


I’m finishing up my series on horror remakes with a remake of one of the biggest cult classics of them all… (More)


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